quinta-feira, 16 de julho de 2009

Why do people still download mp3?

This should be a fast-post at anywhere else, but since this is an almost-technical-matter I'll write this post here. I promise it will take more than 140 chars. :)

These days we've been in touch with that p2p crap more than ever. Cybercrimes, PirateBay, Peter Sunde and all that shit surrounding copyrights. I am not discussing this, they're right! We should be able to share midia and content freely at internet... But the point I wanna get is not that.

(picture by: hooverdust)

I was watching MTV Brazil yesterday and I came across an interview where some guy (it doesn't matter the name) points that the trends (oh, the trends) are going to a completely different way: The streaming media. Yes, that's it. Websites like last.fm are overwriting the P2P concept. "Yeah! End of the problem!" you might think - as I thought as well. But two seconds later I realized that this is bullshit. Understand, while our mp3 players and car players doesn't play streaming media, we will still have P2P ruling our connections. Ok, going a little bit deep inside this matter, just think about the infrastructure we would need to have our iPods playing streaming media. This is enough complications for a single post. :)

And just another thought: When I BUY media, I want to do whatever I want with it. Play at my computer (fuck DRM!), play at my cellphone, play in my car driving to work... God, streaming media don't make any sense at all to me.

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Luiza Rudge Zanoni disse...

Obrigada plea visita no blog! Respondo os comentários sempre lá mesmo! Volte sempre! Vou conhecer seu canto aqui com calma. Beijo, VS.

Unknown disse...

I think in the future we'll have such a huge omnipresent network that will be able to connect our cars sound systems (if we'll still have cars :D), tv's and almost every portable and non-portable device. With that we really wouldn't need to make use P2P softwares to download media. But that will take a long time to happen, and until that happens P2P will have a long life :).

Unknown disse...

I have found a series of articles about a concept called "The Internet of Things": http://www.readwriteweb.com/archives/internet-of-things/

Sounds like Big Blue is already making a lot of investments in this area :)

Raoni disse...

Well, since the post is in English, let's comment in English too! I do not download MP3 anymore... but I don't have an i-pod either, or a MP3 radio on my car (neitheir the car itself). So I'm not a good example to be taken. But I agree with your point of view, even that your view is straightened by oriental eyes!

Eduardo Otubo disse...

@Raoni, dude, why not downloading mp3 anymore? You used to be the king of p2p at university times. :D