sexta-feira, 24 de julho de 2009

Libvirt now supports IBM Power Hypervisors

Yeah, that's it: Yesterday the my first patch were pushed into the main tree of Libvirt's repo. It will be available in the next version, libvirt-0.7.0[1], scheduled to be released in the end of this month. This lib now has the power[2], to manage IBM Power Hypervisors through HMC/VIOS and IVM :)

Libvirt is a library that creates an abstraction layer by exporting a generic API above a virtualization system. You can create your own virt-manager-like software using libvirt and you'll be able to manage most sorts of virtualization systems. It started to be used only with Xen, but many other drivers were made other different systems: KVM, Openvz, VMWare, VirtualBox and so on.

My job at LTC is to design and implement a driver that could manage both HMC/VIOS and IVM systems. This is the first version, a lot of features are planned to be done. Wait for more news :)

[1] - Also known as "double-o-seven release".
[2] - This joke has no effect in portuguese.

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