sexta-feira, 29 de maio de 2009

FISL is not as it used to be

meta: I started posting in english and I did not loose any readers, thank you guys ;)

Here in Brazil we have a worldwide free software conference called FISL - Forum Internacional de Software Livre (Free Software International Forum, in english). This is the first time I will be able to attend this conference and I am already facing some bad news. It's all about the way lectures were aproved, too may questions surrounding the methods on how topics were choosed (link in pt_br). Some complaining about the lack of technical lectures and other claiming for more political ones. So, here is what I think:
  • Technical stuff we may learn at home freaking out night away at the computer.
  • Nerd events like this are just great to improve your social skills - yes we need this! Meeting new people, new free softwares iniciatives and so on.
But, int he other hand...
  • There is no reson to talk about "Why free software is good" or "Why Python?". Comon guys, we can do better! Let's think a bit ahead.
While we don't find a way to put these things together in equilibrium we could just avoid some topics that had already been presented in the past. This could be a good start :)
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